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About Us

Walmart helps people save money and live better –anytime and anywhere. Each week, over 245 million customers visit Walmart units in 27 countries, ecommerce and mobile; making it the world’s largest retailer.

Our Employees

Walmart employs 2.2 million associates globally. As Sam Walton said, “Our people make the difference.” Today, their workforce is made up of professionals from every corner of the globe, working to save customers money in new and better ways.\

Ways In

Walmart teams work diligently to guide interns and recent hires into a successful career. You’ll work directly with industry leaders – and that means quickly developing skills, gaining insight, and leveraging career experiences that only Walmart can provide. Visit http://careers.walmart.com/ to learn more about Walmart’s graduate and post-graduate opportunities.

What Makes Us Unique

"Live better" is as much a part of the Walmart mission as ”Save money.” In 2013, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave $1.3 billion in cash and in-kind contributions. Additionally, their associates rolled up their sleeves and volunteered over 2.2 million hours. The corporation is a notable leader in sustainability, hunger relief, women’s empowerment and veteran employment and support.

I had no idea Walmart would have the feel and energy of a startup.

Jagannath Putrevu

Software Engineer III, Customer Acquisition and Retention

Born in India, Jagannath Putrevu completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering but quickly realized he wasn’t interested in pursuing an engineering career. He worked for a U.S.-based airline technology company in India doing schedule  optimization and passenger behavior modeling, and loved the idea of optimization based on algorithms. He came to the U.S., got a master’s in operations research, and pursued a career at @WalmartLabs, which was  coincidentally formed from a startup founded by two alumni of his university in India.

What surprised you the most about @WalmartLabs?

The dichotomy of the company. It’s a unique alignment: You have a huge company backing you, but you’re working in small teams on complex problems, similar to a startup environment. We’re based in Silicon Valley, and follow the pizza rule for team sizes: Teams shouldn’t be bigger than the amount of people it takes to eat two pizzas!

Can you give an example of a project you’ve worked on?
During my internship, I studied customers’ shopping habits to understand the value of maintaining them as a customer throughout their lifetime. If you know how much a customer will buy a year from now, you can decide how much you need to invest to make sure their shopping needs are met in our store, increasing profitability. You can show them targeted ads or create email recommendations so they know Walmart is a one-stop destination for the products they love. It’s closely tied to digital marketing.
What does innovation mean to you?

To me, innovation is anything that is entirely new or different from what already exists and makes a positive improvement. You can come up with something that impacts people, but if it’s not useful and doesn’t make life easier, that’s not innovation. One innovative project we launched out of @WalmartLabs is our Savings Catcher mobile app, available later this summer, which allows you to scan your receipt’s barcode and compare our prices to competitor’s prices. If they beat our price, Walmart gives you an eGift card for the difference. All our innovations go back to Sam Walton’s vision of helping customers save money while making their lives better.