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About Us

Walmart helps people save money and live better –anytime and anywhere. Each week, over 245 million customers visit Walmart units in 27 countries, ecommerce and mobile; making it the world’s largest retailer.

Our Employees

Walmart employs 2.2 million associates globally. As Sam Walton said, “Our people make the difference.” Today, their workforce is made up of professionals from every corner of the globe, working to save customers money in new and better ways.\

Ways In

Walmart teams work diligently to guide interns and recent hires into a successful career. You’ll work directly with industry leaders – and that means quickly developing skills, gaining insight, and leveraging career experiences that only Walmart can provide. Visit http://careers.walmart.com/ to learn more about Walmart’s graduate and post-graduate opportunities.

What Makes Us Unique

"Live better" is as much a part of the Walmart mission as ”Save money.” In 2013, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave $1.3 billion in cash and in-kind contributions. Additionally, their associates rolled up their sleeves and volunteered over 2.2 million hours. The corporation is a notable leader in sustainability, hunger relief, women’s empowerment and veteran employment and support.

Once I joined the team, it was clear that Walmart's mission is at the core of everything we do.

Emma Guzman

Assistant Marketing Manager, Partnership Marketing

Emma recalls being wary of working for a large company like Walmart back when she was evaluating her postgrad options. A simple exercise of assessing global impact, professional development, and meaningful opportunities helped her gain a new perspective of what it meant to work at the world’s largest retailer. After graduation, she accepted a role on the marketing team and relocated from Chicago to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. One year later, she’s a huge advocate for Walmart and its mission of saving people money, so they can live better.

How has your perception of Walmart changed?

One’s perception of anything changes after doing a bit of research. I don’t think I’m an exception to this rule. Once I learned more and later joined the team, it was clear that Walmart’s mission is at the core of everything we do. The more I interacted with Walmart associates and realized how they are truly living up to that mission, the more proud I became to be a Walmart ambassador. Walmart associates like me are also Walmart customers, with real families, friends and communities who we want to make proud. I don’t think I considered that before joining.

What kind of projects do you work on?

My team supports all our category marketers; this includes categories such as the produce, apparel, and electronics you purchase. We partner with suppliers to market their products in our stores alongside the Walmart brand, creating integrated marketing plans to deliver the best price, while thinking of the most creative, seamless, nonintrusive ways to reach the consumer. For instance, Walmart’s new Savings Catcher app was born out of an idea that started on the marketing team. After months of cross-functional work, we are able to guarantee our customers the best price.

How does Walmart invest in your career development?

I once heard another recent grad share her Walmart experience. She shared with her manager personal and professional goals. Not all of her goals served the interests of the team or the company - but instead of reacting negatively, her manager committed to developing her by placing her on the best projects to build her resume and achieve those goals. Growth is part of the Walmart fabric. The fact is, the decisions I make each day impact sales and buying habits of over a million families. It’s important that I feel supported and encouraged to bring new and diverse ideas to the table - and I get that support at Walmart.