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About Us

Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments.

Our Employees

With headquarters in Silicon Valley and major operations in Miami and Singapore, Visa employs nearly 10,000 employees worldwide.

Ways In

Visa sits at the intersection of 14,400 financial institutions, 2.2 billion Visa cards and tens of millions of merchants bringing electronic payments to consumers.

What Makes Us Unique

Visa Inc. is the world’s largest retail electronic payments network, transacting US $7.0 trillion on our payment products over the four quarters ended March 31, 2014.

It's amazing that almost no matter where I am in the world, when I say I work at Visa, people know it.

Coley Holnback

Marketing Manager

Coley Holnback proves that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Five years ago, Coley started her career in the inaugural year of Visa’s New Graduate Development Program. After completing the program in the marketing department, she jumped at the opportunity to help the sponsorship team during Visa’s activation of the Vancouver 2012 Olympic Winter Games, and now Coley holds a global position as marketing manager for Visa’s sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

What brought you to Visa?

I was a finance major in college and had internships in the finance industry, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a career in finance. I heard about Visa’s development program and loved the idea of exploring different areas of the company to find the best fit for me. My final rotation was in marketing, and I fell in love with the mix of strategy and creativity. After completing the program, I spent a year on the innovation marketing team, and then transitioned to the sponsorship team, specifically supporting Visa’s activation of the Vancouver 2012 Olympic Winter Games, where I quickly learned how much I enjoyed the challenge and opportunity of using the global sponsorship platforms that we have access to, to drive our business and brand. My current role is leading Visa’s Global Visual Identity and on-site branding presence across the 12 stadiums at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

What’s your advice for students who want to be a part of the development program?

Apply! It’s a unique opportunity to gain insight into diff erent areas of the business, and fi gure out what you like and don’t like. You discover your interests and how to apply them at Visa; the program excels at matching smart, hardworking individuals with the needs of the business.

What was your perception of Visa before you started?

I remember preparing for my interview and thinking Visa was a credit card company. I didn’t realize that we are a global payments network that infl uences billions of people across the world. It’s hard to know exactly what you want to do when you’re 20 years old, but I knew I wanted to work for a company and brand that was well known and respected. It’s amazing that almost no matter where I am in the world, when I say I work at Visa, people know it.