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About Us

SCA is a leading global hygiene and forest products company with sales in about 100 countries. A leader in sustainable operations, SCA is one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies according to the Ethisphere Institute.

What Makes Us Unique

SCA’s strong corporate culture is expressed through our core values of Respect, Excellence and Responsibility.  Wherever you go in SCA, and whoever you meet, this common understanding of how we work with each other and with our customers is unified.

I love working with customers and SCA empowers me to make sure our customers are happy.

Ellen Klebanov

Consumer Operations Manager, Personal Care Division

Ellen Klebanov originally worked in finance for a Fortune 500 Company before leaving the corporate world to start her own online business. As a small-business owner, she managed all aspects of the business, including marketing, E-commerce, customer service, operations, and finance. After growing and selling the business, she decided to put her broad skills to use at a large company, which led her to her current role at SCA.

How did you find the position at SCA?

The first place I went to when I was job searching was LinkedIn, where I saw the position and applied. At the time, I didn’t even know who SCA was: We are a $14 billion company active in 100 countries, yet we’re relatively unknown. Even customers who use our products on a daily basis often don’t know the company behind these products. Since I started, I’ve learned so much about the global footprint we have, and what a compassionate company we are.

What projects are you involved with?

I work with a brand in our hygiene business, TENA, which is the world leader in incontinence care for adults. I support our online business and the digital marketing around TENA in North America. I love working with customers and SCA empowers me to make sure our customers are happy. It’s a very rewarding category to be in because we’re helping people who are challenged to live their lives the way they want. Our products help them live life fearlessly. As a result, we are so passionate about fulfilling our mission and providing care of life!

How does SCA promote sustainability?

Being sustainable is at the core of everything we do. SCA started as a forest company formed from a group of Swedish companies that date back to 1673! Today we are Europe’s largest owner of private forests, but most of SCA’s products are in the hygiene area and we bring the same sustainability focus to making these. We’ve won many awards for being sustainable, and we’re always looking to be even more eco-conscious. Even our U.S. headquarters is located in a LEED certified building, and we partner with organizations like the Philadelphia Eagles to plant trees at local parks.