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About Us

Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, security and civil markets throughout the world. Raytheon offers a multitude of full-time, co-op and internship opportunities through its student hiring programs (undergrads, masters, MBAs). 

Our Employees

Raytheon employs 63,000 people in areas and educational backgrounds like electrical, systems, aerospace, mechanical, software, computer and quality assurance engineering; computer science, cyber, info security and other related fields; business, finance, supply chain and more.

Ways In

Join us by participating in our internships, co-ops or full-time opportunities (including our Leadership Development Programs).

What Makes Us Unique 

Raytheon is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Employees are part of diverse, global teams that work together to consistently deliver superior solutions. 

Cedric Macadangdang

Senior Systems Engineer

Growing up, Cedric Macadangdang was constantly tinkering: first breaking down toys and putting them together again, then moving on to more complicated computer systems. He majored in electrical engineering in college, and after graduation, he joined Raytheon’s rotational engineering leadership development program. The 18-month program gave him insight into the company’s product lines, as well as experience as a software, electrical, and systems engineer. Now working full time as a systems engineer, he’s still in his element—only now it’s working with missile software.

What's the most enjoyable part of your job?

I get to come in every day and work with bright people, on the coolest technologies. I just finished working on software that helps improve the accuracy of our missile guidance. We develop products that give our servicemen and women an advantage on the battlefield. We work hard to bring our warfighters home. If that’s not a reason to come to work every day, I don’t know what is.

What makes Raytheon stand out among other companies?  

Our strong leadership, international growth strategy, technology portfolio, and our world-class people. We’re always looking for ways to develop game-changing technology to maintain our competitive edge. For example, because of society’s growing dependence on the Internet, Raytheon started developing cyber security solutions so adversaries have a harder time targeting us. We also give back to our communities, through programs like the Wounded Warrior Project and by investing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education initiatives for the next generation of engineers.

What is Raytheon's culture like?

It’s a diverse, supportive environment—everyone’s ideas matter, whether you’re a new hire or an engineering fellow. It’s also a work-hard, play-hard type of place: I work a 9/80 schedule, which provides great flexibility. We also have sports leagues, community service events, and YESNET, our Young Employee Success Network. I serve on the board of YESNET, and I have the opportunity to plan dinners, community service days, barbecues, and other networking events for employees. After graduating, it’s nice to know there are things like that to look forward to when you work full time!