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Raytheon Company

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About Us

Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, security and civil markets throughout the world. Raytheon offers a multitude of full-time, co-op and internship opportunities through its student hiring programs (undergrads, masters, MBAs). 

Our Employees

Raytheon employs 63,000 people in areas and educational backgrounds like electrical, systems, aerospace, mechanical, software, computer and quality assurance engineering; computer science, cyber, info security and other related fields; business, finance, supply chain and more.

Ways In

Join us by participating in our internships, co-ops or full-time opportunities (including our Leadership Development Programs).

What Makes Us Unique 

Raytheon is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Employees are part of diverse, global teams that work together to consistently deliver superior solutions. 

Experiences Of Employees At Raytheon Company


Cedric Macadangdang

Senior Systems Engineer

Growing up, Cedric Macadangdang was constantly tinkering: first breaking down toys and putting them together again, then moving on to more complica...

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