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About Us

Phillips 66 is a growing energy manufacturing and logistics company with high-performing Midstream, Chemicals, Refining, and Marketing and Specialties businesses. This integrated portfolio enables Phillips 66 to capture opportunities in a changing energy landscape. 

Our employees

Our 13,500 talented, motivated employees, “can-do” spirit, and culture of safety and stewardship afford Phillips 66 the drive and diversity of thought to turn challenges into prosperity. 

Ways In

We're ready for your ideas, your energy and your impact at Phillips 66. Connect with us today at www.p66oncampus.com/jobs

What Makes Us Unique

Phillips 66 has over 130 years of creating a culture of safety, building relationships, optimizing operations, and building a cohesive portfolio of physical assets that allows us to navigate business cycles and move quickly and confidently to capture opportunities.
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Phillips 66 is supported by a rich history and a strong industry presence, but we also have the momentum of a start-up.

Doann Nguyen

IT Internal Auditor

Doann Nguyen’s background is in industrial engineering, but she’s curious about nearly everything - a character trait that’s helped her fit in well at Phillips 66. Driven by her love of knowledge and self-improvement, she’s moved from roles in project management, IT support and college recruiting into a job as an IT auditor, where she works with internal teams to make sure they’re using technology efficiently and safely. Doann’s curiosity is a complement to an environment that empowers its employees to build their skill sets through new and diff erent experiences.  
What makes Phillips 66 unique?

Since Phillips 66 is a relatively new energy manufacturing and logistics company, there are many new and different dimensions to our business. We are supported by a rich history and a strong industry presence, but we also have the momentum of a start-up. That puts us in a prime position to ask if we’re doing the right things the right way. It’s so exciting to inherit so much experience and knowledge from the industry, while having the freedom to build a new identity as a company.

What originally attracted you to Phillips 66?

This company really appeals to my love of learning, and I knew I’d have the ability to drive my own career. With a company of this size, there is an abundance of roles to choose from that might involve totally diff erent skill sets. I’ve also always loved critical thinking, and since Phillips 66 is constantly evolving, I can question things every day.

Talk about your current role. Why is IT auditing important for Phillips 66?

The company runs on information. It’s our responsibility to make sure the information that feeds our systems, people and equipment are secure and controlled. Auditing is a really cool way to build your skill set, because you have to learn quickly and build solid relationships in a short amount of time. My favorite part of the job is working with teams that are truly experts in what they do. I know that I won't be the expert, but I can add a lot of value by providing a fresh set of eyes. I see firsthand the strong partnerships across the company. 
How do you stay ahead of IT security issues?

The key is educating the workforce about using their computers safely. Creating a “human firewall” goes a long way in keeping IT systems secure.

What makes you want to stay at Phillips 66?

The ever-changing landscapes of technology and energy - I’m addicted to that progress! I also love that I’ll never outgrow my opportunities here. Even though it’s a big company, I can feel my impact. The opportunity for personal development keeps me challenged and feeling fully empowered.