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About Us

AT&T is bringing it all together for its customers, from revolutionary smartphones to next-generation TV and broadband services and sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses. It is one of the largest employers in the country, with employees in all 50 states and in 60 countries.  AT&T has been widely recognized as a great place to work, and earned accolades for its diverse, inclusive, and innovative employment practices.

Ways In

Visting att.jobs/college, campus visits & job postings, full time development programs, Co-Op and internships.

What Makes Us Unique 

Our people have made us a top communications company and we invest in them by creating jobs that pay well and have good benefits. We know we need a labor force that is positioned for a highly competitive and digital world, and our training programs are designed to help employees succeed.

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Diya Mehta

Associate Director - U-verse and Ad Sales

Diya Mehta gained experience in many aspects of AT&T – from call centers to content negotiation – and has honed her management skills along the way. 

After graduating from Boston University, Diya began working in private wealth on Wall Street but wasn’t sold on being in finance for the rest of her career. She decided to enroll in business school, and was drawn to the concept of value-based leadership and marketing. When she learned about AT&T’s Leadership Development Program, she knew the company would be a great fresh start for her career and an ideal place to put her management and marketing skills to use. 

What drew you to the Leadership Development Program?

AT&T’s program builds on the principle that, to be a successful leader, you have to understand how a business works at the most basic level. So, the first rotation is at the heart of AT&T.  I walked into a call center on my first day and had 15 representatives reporting to me, all at different levels of performance. I look back now and I think that rotation was the most valuable part of my career! I had to learn how to manage all different types of people, earn their respect, and help advance their careers. When I left, their results had improved.

Can you tell us about a cool project you’ve worked on?

When I was an intern, I worked on planning the iPhone launch. AT&T had just gotten the partnership with Apple, and we were the first telecom to do that—it was a big deal at the time. We looked at the revenue and expense streams, profit analysis, and how we expected customers to be affected by the launch. Then I worked with the marketing group to best position the phone in stores. It was so interesting to work on that big of a product right out of business school.

What makes AT&T unique?

The scope and diversity of industries that AT&T spans. We’re more than a phone company now and that surprises people — we’re truly an innovation company. A lot of people don’t know that AT&T U-verse is the fastest growing all-IP TV provider in the U.S., or about AT&T Labs incubation centers, called “Foundries,” responsible for start-up ideas and new innovations around home automation, security, connected car and mobile health… and the list goes on. I always like to say that we’re like a consortium of little companies rolled into one, so you really never get bored.